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This checklist and poster helps both patient and providers identify signs of an unhealthy AV fistula. These tools encourage a stop, look, and listen approach before initiating dialysis.

This brochure developed by the Fistula First Breakthrough Initiative (FFBI) helps educate patients about the differences between AVF and AVG.

In an emergency, dialysis patients may not have immediate access to their dialysis treatment. This brochure outlines a 3-day emergency diet plan and supply list to help keep patients healthy in an emergency.

Patient's share their perspective on choosing the best form of vascular access for them.

Handout from the National Foundation for Infectious Diseases

Trifold brochure to help educate patients about the grievance process.

These stickers were developed for dialysis care providers to wear to stimulate patient/provider conversations about home dialysis.

This brochure provides a high-level explanation of the different choices for home dialysis treatment. 

The Forum of End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD) Networks Kidney Patient Advisory Council (KPAC) made The Patient Grievance Process Toolkit to help patients as they work through the Grievance System.

This presentation focuses on promoting home dialysis referral.