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NEW: The CDC Clinician Outreach and Community Activity (COCA) call from December 14th provided information on the effectiveness of the COVID bivalent vaccine, as well as practical strategies for vaccine education. If you have limited time for viewing, we highly recommend fast forwarding to the section of the presentation on vaccination strategies, found at 31 minutes into the recording. A key highlight included “4 Steps in Motivational Interviewing to Quickly Build Trust and Partnership”, which starts at 47 minutes into the recording. There were several practice phrases and real life approaches that can be readily built into your clinical practice for more effective vaccination efforts. Like all COCA calls, CEUs are available on the link after viewing the recording.

Vaccination Toolkit and Tracking Forms from The National Forum of ESRD Networks

Vaccination Change Package from The ESRD National Coordinating Center (uploaded March 2024)

Flu Vaccine Goal Poster to track your facility's vaccination progress, from Quality Insights (ESRD Network 5)

COVID Vaccine 2023 - CDC Vaccine Information Statement (uploaded Oct 2023)


Pneumococcal, Influenze, and COVID - 

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