Alli Bailey

Health Information Specialist

Contact Alli for...

  • CROWNWeb questions
  • Data reporting and submission requirements
  • New dialysis facility registration
  • Master Account Holder access questions
  • 5-Diamond Patient Safety Program

 Alli comes to us with more than ten years of experience in dialysis. While working with Davita, Alli has served as the regional CROWNWeb lead, a patient educator, and a patient care technician. We look forward to her contributions and her expertise on the Midwest Kidney Network team!

Deborah Bowe, RN

Quality Improvement Coordinator

Contact Deborah for...

  • Infection control and patient safety
  • Vascular access management
  • Quality improvement strategies and methods
  • Emergency preparedness
  • Conditions for Coverage

Deborah has 48 years of experience working in ESRD. Specifically, her clinical expertise includes chronic outpatient dialysis, acute inpatient dialysis, home peritoneal dialysis training, vascular access, and management of an incenter hemodialysis unit for 25 years. She has been with the Network for 7 years. She has driven our bloodstream infection and long-term catheter reduction projects for those 7 years. She currently is driving our home dialysis project to increase the number of patients performing dialysis at home.

Diane Carlson

Executive Director

Contact Diane for...

  • Agency mission, goals and objectives
  • Governance
  • Quality improvement initiatives
  • Questions about the ESRD program
  • Strategic Partnerships and collaboration

Diane has 37 years of experience with nonprofit health care agencies working to improve quality of health care, and 34 of those years were working with the End Stage Renal Disease Network Program.  She is a Registered Health Information Administrator with experience in organizational and contract management, quality improvement activities, and health information administration. 

Cheryl Dickhausen

Health Data Specialist

Contact Cheryl for...

  • CROWNWeb questions
  • Data reporting and submission requirements
  • New dialysis facility registration
  • Facility membership agreements
  • Updates to facility personnel

Cheryl has worked as a Health Data Specialist at Midwest Kidney Network for over 15 years and has a passion for bringing accuracy to the data collection process. Cheryl enjoys helping dialysis facility personnel become as comfortable and knowledgeable as possible with the ongoing changes in ESRD data processing.

Anna Freed, MS

Operations Director

Contact Anna for...


  • Community outreach
  • Educational events and meetings
  • Network reports and publications
  • Emergency Preparedness

Anna has worked with Midwest Kidney Network since 2007. With extensive information design and project management experience, Anna oversees organizational communications and information technology, supports contract goals, and coordinates the Network's emergency preparedness activities.

Candace Kohls, RN

Quality Improvement Director

Contact Candace for...

  • Clinical issues
  • State surveyor information
  • Conditions for Coverage
  • Quality Incentive Program
  • Quality improvement strategies and methods

Candy has 22 years of experience working with ESRD. Specifically, her clinical experience includes acute dialysis, chronic in-center dialysis, vascular access, and home peritoneal dialysis. She also has experience in clinic administration for home dialysis PD & HHD. In addition to working in ESRD, Candy has worked in critical care nursing and community mental health.  

Renae Nelson, LICSW

Patient Services Coordinator

Contact Renae for...

  • Patient or facility concerns
  • Interest in Network 11’s Consumer Committee
  • Kidney Concerns patient newsletter
  • Interest in EPIC benficiary learning and action network

Renae works with people with end stage renal disease (ESRD) as well as dialysis and transplant providers to improve the quality of care received by patients.  She brings over 25 years of social work experience to Renal Network 11.  She enjoys working with both patients and providers and helping them problem solve solutions to their concerns.

Kristen Ward, MPH

Quality Improvement Systems Specialist

Contact Kristen for...

  • Clinical data in CROWNWeb
  • Dialysis Facility Reports (DFRs) and Performance Score Reports (PSRs)
  • National Healthcare Safety Network (NHSN)
  • Clinical trends report
  • Data collection for quality improvement projects

Kristen has been with Midwest Kidney Network since 2007.  Kristen works with the data used in Network quality improvement projects such as Fistula First/Catheter Last, infection control, and immunizations.  Kristen enjoys helping providers access and understand data they can use for quality improvement projects in their own organizations.