Kidney patients traveling

For business or pleasure, travel may have been an important part of your life. As a dialysis patient, you may wonder if you can travel and still receive your treatment. The short answer is: probably yes.

The really important thing is to plan ahead carefully. If you plan ahead with care, you are highly likely to be able to safely enjoy your travels.

To enjoy stress-free, safe travels, you will want to meet with the social worker or nurse manager in your dialysis unit. That person has the knowledge needed for good travel planning. For example, that person can help you locate a dialysis unit at your destination(s), or help you arrange for supplies that you may need along the way.

So plan ahead – and have a great trip!

Learn More

Travel Tips: A Guide for Kidney Patients from the National Kidney Foundation provides information on finding a dialysis center, traveling in an emergency, and ensuring the quality of your care.

Travel Checklist for People on Dialysis from DaVita covers the steps you can take to ensure smooth travel.