Project goals May 2024 - April 2025

End-stage renal disease patients experience higher rates of hospitalization, readmission, and emergency department utilization compared to the general public, all of which are associated with significant morbidity, mortality, and economic impacts. Health deficits impacting health care utilization are related to underlying health conditions, as well as patient behaviors and social determinants of health. Additionally, there may be facility and system barriers impacting hospital utilization. The listed barriers in the left column in the toolkit below may be impacted through the associated interventions, tools, and resources to support a reduction in hospitalizations, readmissions, and emergency department visits.


Reducing Hospitalizations Project Toolkit (updated May 2023): click here

Primary Diagnosis Categories (updated May 2023): click here 

For an introduction & overview of the Reducing Hospitalizations Project (updated Nov 2023): click here 

NCC Change Package (uploaded March 2024): click here 

Sepsis Screening Tool (uploaded Nov 2023): click here 

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