Resources for Facilities

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This PowerPoint file contains screenshots of the process of switching among multiple CROWNWeb facilities over which the EIDM/QARM user has scope.  Detailed steps are provided in the document

This PowerPoint file contains screenshots of the process of using QARM to approve a request for access.

This tooklit contains core interventions, audit tools, posters, and links to help dialysis providers build and sustain a culture of safety and prevent dialysis infections. 

Presentation on the relationship between depression and chronic illness.



This dynamic toolkit was developed by The National Forum of ESRD Networks very own Kidney Patient Advisory Council. 

This emergency preparedness drill helps facilities test the readiness of staff and patients, and evaluate existing emergency plans.


Disaster toolkit for dialysis facilities: plan checklist and templates for communication with local agencies.

This excerpt from the ESRD Conditions for Coverage outlines the requirements for ESRD providers with regard to emergency preparedness.

This publication was prepared by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services to assist dialysis facilities in the mitigation, preparation, response, and recovery associated with an emergency situation.

In an emergency, dialysis patients may not have immediate access to their dialysis treatment. This brochure outlines a 3-day emergency diet plan and supply list to help keep patients healthy in an emergency.