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PowerPoint presentation orienting facilites to the 2019 BSI QIA.



The CDC/STRIVE curriculum was developed by national infection prevention experts led by the Health Research & Educational Trust (HRET) for CDC.

Clean Hands Count campaign offers posters, factsheets, and brochures for healthcare providers and patients.

The Clinical Care module of the ESRD Toolkit summarizes why proper clinical care is important in preventing vascular access infections, explains practices staff members can follow during site access to reduce infection risk, and describes ways to

Dialysis Center Report to Hospital Infection Preventionist

Hospital Infection Preventionist Report to Dialysis Center

Attached, please find two new CDC COVID-19 vaccine resources:


  1. Facts About COVID-19 Vaccines (English and Spanish) 
  2. What to Expect after Getting a COVID-19 Vaccine (English and Spanish)


The Creating a Culture of Safety module of the ESRD Toolkit discusses the importance of a comprehensive, unit-based approach to safety and its impact on improving patient care and reducing harm in dialysis centers.

This tooklit contains core interventions, audit tools, posters, and links to help dialysis providers build and sustain a culture of safety and prevent dialysis infections. 

The staff inservice offers planning tips and steps to take (for dialysis staff and patients) post-COVID.