Self-Reported Physical Activity in Patients with End Stage Renal Disease

Patients served by ESRD Network 11 were surveyed on participation in regular physical activity (physical activity). National recommendations (3 days/week, 30 minutes/session, and intensity of "moderate level") were used to categorize respondents into three physical activity categories: no physical activity, some physical activity, and recommended levels of physical activity. Analysis of 1323 returned questionnaires indicated that 57% of respondents reported participation in regular physical activity; however, only 13.2% achieved recommended levels based on frequency, duration, and intensity. The primary reasons for no physical activity were '"too tired" and "not motivated." The most frequently cited benefits in those who reported regular physical activity were "increased energy," "increased muscle strength," and "enhanced ability to do things needed in life." Fifty-seven percent reported they had "been talked to about exercise;" only 34% received any written information on initiating physical activity. Greater effort to incorporate education and motivation into the routine care is warranted to increase physical activity to levels that may result in health benefits.

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Tuesday, May 26, 2015
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