Frequently Asked Questions

Only hospital-based facilities should have two CCNs.  In CROWNWeb always use the CCN associated with your hospital (xx00xx, xx01xx, xx02xx, xx13xx, xx33xx.)  Admitedly, this is confusing because CROWNWeb calls your other CCN (xx23xx) your "Hospital CCN," but don't use that one.

CMS Certification Number.  It is your facility's 6-digit Medicare provider number.

No. The transient facility is responsible for admitting and discharging the patient. They should indicate that the patient is transient, and the patient will not be discharged from the home facility.

Discharge the patient from your facility with a discharge reason of "acute." CROWNWeb will then no longer request a 2728.

If the patient returns to dialysis more than 36 calendar months after their transplant, a re-entitlement 2728 is required.  A patient who receives a tranplant on January 15, 2001, will need a re-entitlement 2728 if they return to dialysis any time after December 31, 2003.

A supplemental 2728 is required when an InCenter Hemodialysis patient changes to a self-care modality or gets a transplant before the end of the third calendar month after first starting dialysis.  If the patient starts on January 15, a supplement is required if the change occurs by March 31.

Any CROWNWeb user with scope over your facility and Facility Editor role may complete a 2728 for one of your patients.  Which user should do so is an internal matter for your facility.

If the patient is deceased, you may submit the 2728 without a patient signature as long as the patient's date of death is in CROWNWeb. If the patient is not deceased, fax or mail the 2728 to the patient or their facility and have them mail back the form signed in blue ink.

Most likely you clicked on [Save] when you created the form.  You will need to return to the form in CW, click on Edit, then click on [Submit].  If there are any errors, you will need to resolve them.